Exhibitions: Past

Manuela Karin Knaut and Andrew Kayser

'Dark Dogs and Candyfloss'

10 May - 9 June

Graham's Fine Art Gallery is proud to present duo show "Dark Dogs and Candyfloss" featuring artists Manuela Karin Knaut and Andrew Kayser.

"Every day I collect stories, memories, I collect images - in my head, with my camera. In many boxes, with many seemingly chaotic piles I sort, connect, join new stories, faces with the impressions life has so far gifted me. I walk through this, my, life with open eyes - knowing that no-one else could see it like this, love it like this, experience it like I do." - Manuela Karin Knaut

"I see the world as dark and ambiguous, where meaning is fleeting and intangible. We make up fictions, myths, religions, narratives to create meaning and give a sense of order and stability to our lives and societies, but I see it as pure folly to hold onto any of these as absolute." - Andrew Kayser